So Fresh and So Clean

For over 730 days I’ve been religiously drinking my green juice every morning at 6am! I’ve never missed a juice (unless I was traveling) and I swear that this has given me energy for the entire day- especially when I have to sing, dance, and teach 5 year olds for seven hours- with no nap time!!  My friend Shelly introduced me to the Vitamix a couple of years ago and that’s when it all started for me and my family!  We juice everyday and use the same ingredients every morning!  I am a creature of habit and when I find something I LOVE…I become obsessed!!

I know people have their own special ingredients that they like to put in their juice, but for me this is what I’ve been using- and I’ve added some more ingredients that give it a little more sweetness that I enjoy!  Everything I buy is from Trader Joe’s because it’s super easy and convenient for me but Costco works just the same!!  Oh, and I always start with fruit first and then build up to veggies then ice to top it off!

Vitamix Green Juice

-Splash of pineapple juice (or chunks of fresh pineapple)

-Splash of water (depending on how you like the texture- juice vs smoothie)

-Handful of frozen grapes (I love a super cold juice so I freeze my grapes)

-1/2 fuji apple (fuji apples are the sweetest)

-Handful of spinach

-Handful of kale

-Handful of ice

photo 1-2
A splash of juice or fresh chunks
photo 2-3
Half a Fuji Apple
photo 4-2
Handful of Spinach
photo 3-2
Handful of Kale

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