Ace Hotel

Who loves summer vacation!?!?! Being a teacher is really awesome because we get a chance to recharge and re-energize before we meet our new batch of kiddos!  My summer has been awesome and it got me thinking about what makes me happy and doing more things that I enjoy and want to share with you!  For sure, spending time with girlfriends is one of my top priorities during my summer break.  This week I was able to go back to the Ace Hotel in DTLA with Jennifer and Adriana and enjoy a yummy brunch at LA Chapter and happy hour up on the rooftop.

This was my first time trying a Bloody Mary and I LOVED it!! I didn’t think I would enjoy a spicy drink but it had a great kick to it and especially during brunch.  The Ricotta Pancakes were to die for and were so light and fluffy!  The honeycomb butter melted in our mouths and we didn’t even need to use syrup! It was that TASTY!! We also wanted a savory dish and tried their Moroccan Scramble which was very good over a sourdough toast!  To be healthy, we also ordered a Gem Lettuce Salad that had a very light herb dressing and added the perfect touch of greens to our meal.

Of course we had to head upstairs to their rooftop and check out the bar and patio area.  It was nice and quiet on a Tuesday afternoon and our drinks were very refreshing on a warm summer day!! Can’t wait to go back soon!! I love living in DTLA!!!!

photo 3
Bloody Mary
photo 2
photo 3
Rooftop Bar
photo 4
Pretty Cocktail

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