You Are My Sunshine

Our sweet little Reecie has turned one!  It’s literally been awhile since I last posted… and what a way to say HELLO again with an awesome surprise of being featured on 100 Layer Cakelet! YAY!!! I’m so honored!!

Our theme was a combination of suns and bees in light yellow, peach, and white.  Reece brings so much sunshine and joy into our lives that we felt a great theme would be “You Are My Sunshine.”



I found the cutest ceramic polka-dot bears that I used for decor.  His paw was suppose to hold the honey stick, but instead I put his personalized stir stick from Midnight Confetti that said “Happy 1st Birthday Reece.”



The dessert table had the cutest shaped cookies!  Look at those bee hives!  I loved how the mini fondant bees were buzzing over REECE’s name.


Aloha Cafe was the perfect venue for our celebration!  The venue had the cutest front room with such great natural lighting for the dessert table and photo booth area.


The balloon arch.  100+ balloons were purchased and the night before my BAE (@jennleeyee) and her brother (Anselm) slaved away at helping me create this gorgeous display!  I couldn’t have done it without them!!!

Reece1st-19 Reece1st-20

The cutest smiley sun cookies were put on sticks and were also made into tiny fondant suns that were placed on the “Reece” Krispies!  Sweets by Keeks (@sweetsbykeeks) really devoted all of her time and energy into our desserts!  From hand placing each sprinkle onto each cupcake- to creating mini fondant bees…every dessert was made with love!



Reece1st-24 Reece1st-26 Reece1st-27 Reece1st-49 Reece1st-52 Reece1st-53 Reece1st-57 Reece1st-62 Reece1st-76 Reece1st-79 Reece1st-95

Photos captured by our good friend Crissy Farah

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Happy 1st birthday Reecie Pie!!! We love you soooo much!!!!

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