Spring Colors

I’m usually a creature of habit and once I love something, it’s hard for me to veer off course.  So when it comes to makeup, I usually stick to my go-to brands that work for me like…NARS cosmetics.

I don’t wear any foundation or compact so the only powder I use is a bronzer called Laguna.  I’ve loved this color since forever now and have worn it under the most popular blush in town- Orgasm (of course)!  But now, there’s a new dual intensity blush that just gave Orgasm a run for its money!  The kicker is you can wear these colors wet or dry and it’s paired so nicely to be a blush or a blush+ highlighter, OR mix both together and create an entirely different look!  I couldn’t resist the gold highlighter (that would look nice on a summer tanned face) and a shimmery pink highlighter for a nice spring glow.

Next up are my favorite art sticks by Bobbi Brown.  My first encounter with one art stick was in Hawaii and I absolutely loved the creamy matte finish it gave to my lips.  Then I saw some cheaper versions at the drug store back at home and thought I might as well choose three different colors from Revlon for $8 each and have a variety of shades instead of another art stick that cost $24.  Well, well, well…this time I was wrong.  For some reason, the Revlon sticks didn’t glide on smoothly and it left my lips more cakey.  I gave it a try for about a month…but every time I would check the mirror the color stick did something weird to my lips.  So then I went back to Bobbi Brown and tried on an electric pink color and loved the way it glided on with ease and it stayed on for half the day without having to reapply!

If you’ve been following along with me, you know that I love all brands and love a great deal…so I was heartbroken to find that my Revlon color sticks didn’t work out.  Oh well, lesson learned!




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