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I’m always a little skeptical to try chinese food outside of the 626 area code because living in the area all my life, everyone knows what good ol’ home cooking taste like and it’s usually NOT in Silver Lake.  But since Silver Lake is closer to downtown, I wanted to try this Taiwanese restaurant that’s been popping up on my instagram feed called Pine & Crane.

It’s super cute and clean inside and the menu consists of all my favorite Taiwanese dishes!  I’m always craving a good minced pork on rice dish and was so excited when I saw this on the menu- along with beef noodle and wonton noodle soup too.  I could only handle one dish at a time, so for today I chose the minced pork on rice.  I made the right choice! See below =)



After eating Chinese food, I’m always craving a warm milk tea and I remembered a spot down the street- Lamill Coffee Boutique had a tasty one that would hit the spot…and it sure did!




Its been awhile now since I’ve been down Silverlake Blvd so I didn’t realize that right next door was the cutest gift shop ever called Yolk.  It had everything from books, confetti, cards, home goods, and baby cuteness everywhere!  I stepped in right before closing time so I couldn’t look closely at everything… but it’s okay because that means I have to go back sooner than later!  Can’t wait for round 2!

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 8.28.01 PM

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