Mini Break Coffee

I recently traveled and brought along these mini coffee packs that were easy to take in my purse and easy to use (especially in your hotel room).  All I needed was a pot of hot water and a small mug and I instantly had coffee ready!  I didn’t have to go through the hassle of emptying the filters out and rinsing anything because these small packs are easily disposable after I fill my mug with water.  I had to make sure my mug wasn’t too large because the flavor of the coffee weakened a little when I tried it in a larger mug.  So if you’re planning on having a ‘Mini Break,’ make sure your mug isn’t too big.

Mini Break Coffee boxes are on sale now for $2.99 and that comes with seven individual packs.  That’s a pretty great deal and totally convenient.  I also went on their site and tried a couple other things that I’ll be blogging about later.




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