Don’t Worry Be YONCE!

Queen Bey and Hova…Mr and Mrs Carter…Bonnie and Clyde…OMG! Together on tour!! I couldn’t wait to see these two together on stage. They’re my FAVORITE!! I’ve seen them separately and loved every concert I’ve been to…but together, OMG I knew it would be CRAYYYYY! First of all, the venue itself- The Rose Bowl which holds 90,000 screaming fans helped set the stage and bring in the energy from the crowd- in the pouring rain too!  It was definitely a great summer night to experience a concert at the Rose Bowl with two big names that happen to be husband and wife!!

So going into the concert, I heard all of these rumors that Beyonce and JayZ were getting a divorce and splitting up, but I didn’t believe them. Until…Beyonce comes on stage towards the end of the night in a white wedding dress, singing Resentment and the lyrics were about a “guy” cheating on her and how hurt she was, then during the song she starts tearing up! Oh no!!! So it was true!! I think the fans were in disbelief and it was a little weird to come back to the same energy like in the first hour because she poured her heart and soul into the song and everyone was shocked!  But after she sang Resentment she said, “…but then he put my love on top!”  Then she started singing, “Love on Top” and the crowd started cheering and we were back on again.  It really felt like an emotional roller coaster and I didn’t know how to feel after the show was over.  It really was an amazing concert and I’m still singing all of her songs (in the car and in the shower) and watching the small clips of video I got on my iPhone!  I just love them together and this picture I found on IG where Queen Bey is in her wedding dress eating a burger and just having fun with J really makes me smile… and I hope they really do live happily ever after!!!

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