Cookies Anyone??!

Being a kinder teacher means ALWAYS buying snacks for the kids!! I always use the snacks as motivation and just treats for the end of the day because kids always love treats!  These Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies from Trader Joes are the best cookies ever because their light in taste (cinnamon), easy to pass out, and their shaped as letters so the kids are eating and learning at the same time!

While I was getting my things ready for back to school, I was inspired by my cookies to spray them with edible gold and neon pink and started thinking about how I could use them in my photo shoots! I thought it would pair nicely with something simple like cupcakes, donuts, or mini ice cream cones and it can add some additional “sparkle” to all of my pictures too!!

photo 1

photo 3

photo 1-2

photo 3

photo 2

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