Style Me Pretty California- Hollywood Engagement Session

WOO HOO!!!  I was checking my email this week, and to my surprise, I received another email from SMP saying that our engagement session was going to be featured on California’s Style Me Pretty!!   What an honor!! Two features in ONE WEEK!!!  My happy dance was in full swing!!   I super loved our engagement photos and ideas (thanks to Crissy Farah) and super LOVED my black lace dress from Alice and Olivia!  I can *twirl* all day and night in that dress-it’s super gorgeous!!  So after narrowing down our locations to just three spots- our venue, DTLA, and our local park, that totally helped with creating a theme and staying within a certain color palette.

Since our venue was at The London, we wanted to use the Hampton Gardens because it had such a cute and playful nature to it!  The HUMONGOUS  chess pieces in black and white and the greenery from the garden gave this Alice and Wonderland vibe.  I was totally envisioning the scene when the queen was going to play croquet in the gardens and the cards were “painting the roses red!”  Right?!  Perfect!!  Our colors were going to be- white, black, red, and gold!  Done! Now we were going to need props, confetti, and more confetti!!

I shopped around looking for some good deals on heart balloons, cake stands, cupcake stands, and tea pots.  Luckily, if you just google ‘heart balloons’ a gazillion images and links pop up and you can purchase any size and amount that you need.  Cake stands and cupcake stands were a little bit harder just because of the prices and I didn’t want to spend too much on them.  So I found some great Martha Stewart ones at Macy’s online and in their home store- and with those red coupons they send in the mail, it came out to be pretty reasonable ($15 a stand).  Thanks to my friend Stephanie, she helped me with the chalkboard ‘Queen of Hearts’ sign that added such a cute touch to the table!  Now, the only two props left were flowers and desserts.  I’m super lucky I live just a hop, skip, and a leap away from the flower mart in LA and I was able to find red and white carnations that looked splattered together so I didn’t have to do any DIY flower project!!  I’m also super lucky that our friend owns a bakery in Pasadena called Sugarfix Desserts and she was able to help me put together cupcakes and cookies for our shoot.  They came out super cute!!!!

Our last two locations were on the 4th street bridge in the Arts District and the local park down the street.  The balloons and confetti followed us there and we were able to shoot the rest of our photos close to home.

It was definitely fun to shoot our engagement session and thank you Style Me Pretty for sharing it with the world!!










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