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I love trying out any new beauty products for my hair or my face and the hard part is knowing which products are good!  I try to read as many reviews as possible before buying anything, but everyone’s hair is different so it’s hard to rely on reviews…and that’s where my hairdresser comes into the mix!  I absolutely love my hairdresser and trust her completely!  She really knows hair and I know that might sound silly, but she’s like the hair whisperer!  I have asked Christine to do so many different treatments to my hair- from Balayage (hair coloring), to Partial High Lights, to Full High Lights, and to top it off- an Arroyo American Wave, my hair has been through a lot (and many, many Inphenom treatments).

I’ve been striving for the perfect ‘beachy’ look and have tried an endless amount of hair products.  Christine suggested the Kevin Murphy line because it wasn’t suppose to be too heavy or oily but would add volume and shine instead.  She also mentioned that his line is made from pure plant extracts and natural anti-oxidants and oils so the ingredients are all natural and the best part, it DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!  So even though his products are a little more pricey, it’s worth it.

After shampooing my hair, I use a little bit of this Japanese conditioner called Inphenom (only to my ends) that helps any chemically treated hair that has been overly processed.  Because I have longer hair, my ends seem to look drier and after conditioning with Inphenom, it has helped my hair look stronger and healthier.  After this, I apply the Kevin Murphy hydrating lotion (to my ends) and then squeeze a couple of pumps of leave in oil called Young Again (again, only to my ends).  Since my hair is still damp, I apply several pumps of curl enhancer (Motion Lotion) product everywhere.  This helps with frizz control and it’s easy to just scrunch into your hair.  Last but not least, I add another layer of light product (while my hair is still damp) called Label.m Curl Spray.  This is the absolute best product to add that extra ‘beachy’ look that I love!!




The last product that I’ve been eyeing comes from Stila Cosmetics.  I actually saw it on Jcrew’s website in the sale section and I couldn’t resist the deal!  The cool looking mixing tray seemed pretty appealing and I always love some glitter shadows on my eyelids so I wanted to see what the shiny foil effect would look like.

So what you do is take a little bit of shadow and put a drop of primer in the tray and mix it together.  It’ll go on like a cream and dry like a powder so it won’t be greasy on your lids.  You can control how much sparkle and shine you want depending on how much shadow you place in your mixing tray.  There are different shades to choose from on Stila’s website– but the one on sale is called metallic gilded gold from Jcrew.  This sparkle party will last all day and all night on your lids! Have fun!!





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