Hau`oli la Hanau

Hau`oli la Hanau= Happy Birthday to ALOHA CAFE http://eatatalohacafe.com our most generous, kind hearted friend who does so much for us and we are thankful to be friends for over 14 years!!!! Jennifer is the hardest worker I’ve ever known!  She manages to work seven days a week, own two establishments, cook homemade meals every night for Papa and her boys (aka #beagleadventures), text every hour, workout, AND always have a positive attitude every single day!! Amazing, right?!

So how do you show someone (who deserves it all) the amount of gratitude she deserves on her special day?! SPRINKLES and PEONIES!!  Now that Sprinkles has opened at Fig at 7th, www.figat7th.com it’s super easy to order and pick up (curbside pickup too).  To be honest, I didn’t even know that Sprinkles had custom lettering- so when I saw this BFF4EVR with pink hearts, I just had to place the order!  Plus, my two other friends were “trying” to compete with me on who was the BEST-EST friend to Jenn- so of course, this topped it!  Also, Trader Joes had an amazing deal on Peonies!  I mean, we all love TJ for their food and products, BUT when I saw the basket of Peonies in the front, I couldn’t help but smile and nod my head because Trader Joes really does have it all!!! On top of everything, since Jenn owns Aloha Cafe- I gave her one of her favorite hawaiian fruits, a pineapple, which she named her “Love Fern.”

MAHALO Aloha Cafe for so much ohana and LOVE!!!!

Sprinkles Cupcakes
Celebrating Jennifer
Trader Joes’ Peonies
Pineapple Head Delight
Claude HEART Jenn

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