Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this weekend and one thing I love to do is tell my “mommy” friends how special they are by sending them a card full of love.

I have to tell you that my list of ‘mom friends’ increases by at least two to three a year!  It’s so exciting because I love being an auntie, too!!  It’s great to see this new chapter in everyone’s lives and I admire the sacrifice and hard work it requires to be a mom and work at the same time.  My friends are truly amazing!

Usually, I spend hours in the card section choosing the ‘perfect’ card for each of my mom friends.  Based on everyone’s personalities, sometimes I’ll choose a humorous one, a sentimental one, a more serious one, and mostly just ones that say I ADMIRE YOU and LOVE YOU!

This year I scored some super cute letterpress cards at the Sugar Paper Warehouse Sale a couple of weekends ago.  Cards that are usually $6-8 were marked down to $2 a card!  So even though my cards aren’t quite personalized this year, they’re all letterpress and will have heart confetti popping out (of course) and a cute polaroid shot of them and their BAE (see below)!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! No wonder the word MOM upside down spells WOW…because Moms are truly amazing!






(Here’s a sneak peek of my #SugarRush)




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