Happy 4th with Happy Beagles!!

Who needs fireworks when you have BEAGLES!?!  This year we celebrated the 4th of July at Susan and KenLee’s house.  Susan made peach sangria with fresh pineapples, peaches, and blueberries and used her mason jars to serve everyone.  We didn’t have time to get any 4th of July decorations, so of course, Jennifer improvised!  She took out her cake stand, cut open a pineapple, sliced some watermelons, and washed a handful of blueberries and then VOILA- our American flag appeared right before our eyes!  Talk about creative!! Then with a little bit of help from Susan’s rose garden, we cut some red and white roses and simply placed them in a vase (OR a pineapple) to create our decorative table.   To top it off, we had Chalktacular create us our dinner menu on THE CUTEST blackboard you’ve ever seen!!! A PIG!!! If you need anything customized, check out her site: www.etsy.com/shop/Chalktacular

I’m also so lucky to be an Auntie to not 1, not 2, not 3…BUT 4 BEAGLES!!! Clap, clap, clap!!  I’ve never seen a family of beagles travel and play together like these guys.  Claude is the Papa Beagle and then goes Milo, Dexter, and Maddie.  They’re a good looking family right!? OMG! Then we had a special appearance from Lazer Swift the cutest Weenie Dog in town!!! #Adizz created this amazing town out of cardboard and set up shop in Susan’s backyard!  Take a look at how creative she is!!!

  When you take a look at our 4th of July party, you’ll see how cute it is to have parties with beagles and weenies and maybe this post will inspire you to rescue one or two or maybe even three?!!  It always makes me want to be a Beagle Mommy whenever I’m hanging around my #beagleadventure pals!!

photo 1
Peach Sangria

Recipe:  1 Bottle of White Wine

A couple shots of Apple flavored Vodka (for extra sweetness)

1 can of Ginger Ale

Peaches (canned/fresh combined), pineapples (fresh), and blueberries (fresh)

Sugar to taste

photo 1
Beagle Family
photo 2
Milo. Dex. Claude. Maddie
photo 4
Down to three: Dex, Claude, Maddie (she’s camera shy)
photo 1
Fruit Flag
photo 4
Happy 4th of July!
photo 3
Cute Claudy!!
photo 2
Courtesy of #Adizz
photo 1
Homecooking from Aloha Cafe
photo 2

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