Food Run!

Living in LA is great! There’s never a dull moment of new places to eat, shop, and explore.  Right when I think I’ve found them all…another spot opens up.

Good Girl Dinette has been around for awhile now, but since I didn’t think about getting Vietnamese food in Highland Park, I never knew this place existed.  It’s such a cute place with brick walls, mustard chairs, a great presentation of foods AND neon chopsticks to top it off!  What more could you ask for =)








Coming soon (in March), Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream will be opening a store front in Los Feliz.  Since I follow them on Twitter, I knew their truck was going to be parked in the Arts District, so of course I wanted to try this new ice cream place.  Talk about premium!  Their Brambleberry Crisp is amazing with fresh blackberries layered throughout fresh vanilla ice cream!  And the nicest part was their scoops were for free!  They wouldn’t even accept tips!  They just wanted to spread the love and have us come to their new location…DONE! Can’t wait to check out their store front this month!






Onto the next spot.  Located on Virgil in Los Angeles is the ever most popular place to grab breakfast and lunch- SQIRL.  This place is hard to miss since the line is ALWAYS out the door.  ALWAYS.  I’ve been here many times, and of course their Brioche Toast with Raspberry Jam is amazing but for today, I went healthier and got the famous pesto rice bowl.  And I usually don’t get dessert because I’m always so full- but I saw the Panna Cotta on the black board and I had to try it.  Just look below at the cream and pistachios that topped the panna cotta!  It seriously was the best I’ve ever had!




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