Back to School for Teachers

Welcome back to school!!!  I thought I would dedicate this post to all of my teacher friends who could use some ‘bubbly’ in their dessert because we’re celebrating a new school year!!  WOO HOO!!!  Kristy decided to come over and test out this cupcake recipe she found online.  Everything was made from scratch and was completely organic.  The cupcake was called the sparkling champagne cupcake and since I’ve been noticing a ton of pictures on pinterest about the different ways you can create a ‘back to school’ party- these images of apple donuts, apple cupcakes, and apple muffins all came up!  So I decided on creating apple cupcakes to welcome my teachers back to school!  Of course, these are adult cupcakes so we added some sparkling wine into the frosting, filling, and cake mix and the taste was very light and not too sweet.  It was perfect!!

I also loved how we were able to roll the frosting into the sprinkles to create a ‘green, granny smith’ apple.  For the stem, I didn’t have any pretzels at home… BUT I had the Japanese cookies called Pocky available, which looks like a skinny, light brown stem.  The ingredients were simple and the recipe was easy to follow!  These cupcakes would be great for a birthday or maybe even a NYE party!!  I’ll keep you posted…










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